Electromechanical Barriers

General Description

Electromechanical barriers are designed for the controlled flow of traffic, especially for the parking places.

Barrier cabinet is designed to IP 55. Body font lid and top lid is manufactured from A1 Quality Steel. They are phosphate plated, painted to RAL 2004 and then furnaced. Anchoring to the floor is achieved by a galvanized anchoring plate. There are air circulation openings on the front lid which is opened by a key.

Control Cabinet
barriers are controlled with the help of advanced microelectronics. Barrier works with 220-240V, 50-60 Hz. Every kind of radio control receiver cards, safety photocells, open/close buttons, loop detectors, flashing lights etc. can be integrated to the control electronics easily. Closing the barrier can be utilized by automatic time delay facility, as well as inputs from other sources. Time delay can be adjusted between 0-50 seconds. Control electronics is mounted in a IP 65 proof plastic box, as most of the installations are made outdoors. Unit comes with a start stop button.

Motor & Reducer
A high torque AC motor is utilized in the barrier. Coupled to the motor, there is a reducer with 1/62 reduction ratio. Casing of the reducer is injection aluminum, preventing formatting of rust. All the gears in the reducer (worm, spur etc.) are heat treated so that wear is reduced is to a minimum. Single row, radial contact ball bearings are utilized for smooth operation. A cooling fan exists at the back of the motor, running full time to cool the motor.

Arm is aluminum with a special elliptical like cross section design. This special design enables a safety gasket to be mounted under the arm, besides increase the arm’s inertia (i.e. increased durability against impact, wind force etc.) It is manufactured by a special mould, with extrusion process. On the arm, there are red phosphorescent stickers as a night time warning. Two ends of the arm is closed by aluminum colored plastic caps.

Mechenism & with manual operation
All the elements of the mechanism are manufactured on CNC machines. A 10 mm allen key is put through a hole on the outer surface of the barrier to provide manual operation by hand.

Optional Accessories

  • Flashing lamp (flashes while the arm is in motion)
  • Barrier skirt (aluminum)
  • Protection bar (2″ tubing, galvanized, RAL 2004 painted, furnaced)
  • Safety photocell
  • Stand and casing for safety photocell against direct sunlight, rain, snow,
  • Loop detector
  • Radio receiver card
  • Transmitter
  • Antenna
  • Stop sign in the middle of aluminum barrier arm
  • LED light under the aluminum barrier arm